1990 - 1993

Two miniatures for piano (Andante, Presto), 1990, world premiere1990

"Movement for brass quartet", for flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon 1990, world premiere 1990

"Fantasia", for oboe and piano 1991, world premiere 1991

Trio (Allegro, Melodia, Marsch-Rondo), for 2 oboes and english horn 1992,
world premiere 1992, CD, Marmor publishing

Piano trio (Capriccio, Lento, Fantasy), 1993, world premiere 1993

"Monika", Concert for guitar and Orchestra (Romance, Allegro-furiosa), 1992 / 93

"Childrens play - pieces / children - play pieces", version for piano, film music, 1993,
world premiere 1993, NDR

"Child Of The Wind No. 1" (Kind des Windes Nr. 1),
for string orchestra in three movements, 1993




"Journey Through The Worlds" ("Reise durch die Welten"),
for chamber ensemble (Fl, Ob, Cl, Bassoon, Horn, 5 Timbals, Marimba, Vl, Vla, Vlc, Cb)
in five movements, 1994, world premiere 1995, ORF, big radio hall

"Childrens play - pieces / children - play pieces", 2 version for guitar and flute, 1994,
world premiere 1994, Marmor publishing

Sonata for flute and guitar in three movements, 1994,
world premiere 1994, Marmor publishing

Valse in "Viennese manner", for flute and guitar, 1994, world premiere 1994

"False Gods" ("Falsche Götter"), for mixed chorus,
after the poem "Reklame" ("Advertisment") by I. Bachmann, 1994

Concert for Piano and Orchestra, in three movements, 1994 / 95




"Yksniw-Arts", Symphonie no.1, in three movements, 1995

"Kiss Of The Spider", for violin, cello and piano, 1995, world premiere 1995

"G´schichten vom Lande" ("Stories from the Country Side"),
for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn in three movements, 1995

"Fünferlei" ("Fiverly"), quintet for clarinet, in five movements, 1995

"Child Of The Wind No. 2" ("Kind des Windes Nr. 2"), for string orchestra, 1995,
world premiere 1997, Marmor publishing

"In The Sign Of Aquarius" ("Im Zeichen des Wassermann"), for orchestra, 1995




"All Brass" ("Alles Blech"), brass quintet, 1996

Sonata for the violin solo in four movements, 1996

Piece for the contrabass solo, 1996, world premiere 1996

Piece for three flutes in three movements, 1996, world premiere 1997

"Mikado", for two oboes, english horn and bassoon, 1996

Piano Quartet (flute, violin, cello and piano), 1996, world premiere 1996

"Falling Star" ("Sternschnuppe"), for flute and guitar, 1996, world premiere 1996

"Kaleidoscope of dreams" ("Kaleidoskop der Träume"), for orchestra, 1996

Concert for Violin and Orchestra, in two movements, 1996

"Pile of shards" ("Scherbenhaufen"), piece for orchestra, 1996

Valse for saloon orchestra, 1996




"Game Of The Shades" ("Spiel der Schatten") , piece for chamber orchestra
(Fl, Pi, Bassoon, Horn, Perc., Timbals, Piano, Vln, Vle, Vlci, Cbi)
in five movements, 1997

"Listen" ("Hör - Mal") for youth string orchestra 1997, world premiere 1997

String Sextet (2Vln, 2Vle, 2Vci) in three movements, 1997, world premiere 1997

"On Intricate Trails" ("Auf verschlungenen Pfaden"), for flute and string quartet, 1997

"Over The Rainbow" ("Über den Regenbogen"), for clarinet, viola and piano, 1997

"Fair To Cloudy" ("Heiter bis wolkig"), piece for chamber ensemble
(Fl/ Kl/ Vl/ Vlc/ 2 timbal/ piano) in five movements, 1997

"Flautando", flute quartet in four movements for picc., sopran, alt und bass, 1997

"Heaven and Hell" ("Himmel und Hölle"), Fantasy for organ solo, 1997, world premiere 1999

String sextet in three movements, 1997, world premiere 1997

"Nature, you can't leave me..." ( "Natur, du kannst mich nicht verlassen..." ),
song composition after a poem by Fr. Hebbel, 1997




"The coloured" ("Der Bunte"),
a musical journey in twelve images, after a narration by E. Schreiber - Wicke,
musical tale for ensemble and narrator, 1998

"Piece For Guitar And Ensemble", (Fl, Kl, Vl, Vla, Vlc, Piano, Perc., guitar), 1998

"Kalypso, a path into depth", for orchestra, 1998

"Mirror Images" ("Spiegelbilder"), for string trio in three movements, 1998,
world premiere 1999

"Dance Of The Lights" ("Tanz der Lichter"),
for small orchestra (2Ob, 2Cl, 2Trp, 2Hrn, String Orch.), 1998, world premiere 1998

"Lonely Angel" ("Einsamer Engel") in three movements, for harp, 1998

"Against the stream" ("Gegen den Strom"),
concert for oboe, string orchestra and drums, in four movements, 1998

Piano Quintet (flute, violin, viola and cello) in three movements, 1998

"Guitar Pieces from 5 Epoques",
collected over the years, recorded classical pieces, CD, author/publisher, 1998




Two pieces for the piano, 1999

"Breakfast at Beppi" ("Frühstück bei Beppi"), for oboe and violin, 1999

"Five Songs To The End Of The Winter" ("Fünf Lieder an das Ende des Winters"),
after poems by Eberhard Wagner, 1999

"Simply Let Go 1" ("einfach loslassen 1"), guitar sounds by Stefan Albert, 1998
Cd, author/ publisher

"Simply Let Go 2" ("einfach loslassen 2"), guitar sounds by Stefan Albert, 1999
Cd, author/ publisher

"Lisa", string quartet no. 1 in four movements, 1999



2000 - 2005

"Lisa", string quartet no. 2 in four movements, 2000

"Stories From The Temple Of The Souls" ("Geschichten aus dem Tempel der Seelen"),
for cello and piano, 2000

"Love Just A Word?" ("Liebe nur ein Wort ?"), illusion 1 and 2 for string orchestra, 2000

"Time Out" ("Auszeit"), for piano and string orchestra, 2001

"And It Does Exist" ("Und es gibt Sie doch"), in two movements, 2001

"eternal longing" ("Ewige Sehnsucht"), for string orchestra, timbal and narrator, 2002

"Harmony" ("Zusammenklang"),
five solo guitar pieces after five poems of H. H Briese and five pictures of Andy Möbius:
"Play Of The Wind", "Blueroom", "Ahead", "Yellowland", "Wistfulness",
2003, world premiere 2003

"Animamus", for string orchestra, 2003, world premiere 2004

"Small Escapes" ("Kleine Fluchten"), for piano trio, string orchestra and timbals, 2004

"Time-dream" ("Zeittraum"), for 22 solo strings, 2004

"Jödel-di-döö", music to smirk, think and sing along, CD, author / publisher, 2005




"Colour Moon" ("Farbmond"),
musical contemplations after pictures and sculptures by Stefan Luna:

1. "Colour Plays" ("Farbenspiele"), trio for clarinet, cello and piano in four movements: 
     green, red, yellow, blue, 2005

2. "Kabbala", a movement - study for four flutes (Sopran1/2/3 and Alt), 2006

3. "Gleam Of Hope" ("Lichtblicke"),
     trio for flute, clarinet, bassoon in three movements, 2006

4. "Rosered" ("Rosenrot"), for string orchestra, five brass instruments and timbal, 2006

5. "Colour Moon" ("Farbmond"), small suite for chamber orchestra
    (Fl, Ob, Cl, Bassoon, Trp, Hrn, Trb, 2 Perc, Pk and String Orch.) in five movements, 2006


"Tears Of The Moon" ("Tränen des Mondes"), for chamber orchestra
(Fl, Ob, Engl. Hrn, Cl, BassKl, Bassoon, Trp, Hrn, Trb, 2 Perc., Pk, String Orch.)
in three movements, 2006

"back to the roots", piece for orchestra, 2006

"Rock Improvisations", e-guitar solo by Stefan Albert, CD, author / publisher, 2006




"Dance Of The Angels" ("Tanz der Engel"), music for strings, perc., sax and vocalist, 2007

"Amistad", for acoustic guitar solo, world premiere 2007 Kuba

3 outlines for a cello solo, 2007

outline for a flute solo, 2007

outline for a clarinet solo, 2007

outline for a bassoon solo, 2007

outline for a trumpet solo, 2007

"a moment of love", for string orchestra, 2007, world premiere 2007, Waidhofen an der Ybbs

"Cheerful", 14 pieces for acoustic guitar, CD, 2007