Chamber orchestra

"Journey Through The Worlds" ("Reise durch die Welten"), for chamber ensemble
(Fl, Ob, Cl, Bassoon, Horn, 5 Timbals, Marimba, Vl, Vla, Vlc, Cb) in five movements,
1994, world premiere 1995, ORF, big radio hall

Valse for saloon orchestra, 1996

"Game Of The Shades" ("Spiel der Schatten"), piece for chamber orchestra
(Fl, Pi, Bassoon, Horn, Perc., Timbals, Piano, Vln, Vle, Vlci, Cbi)
in five movements, 1997

"Dance Of The Lights" ("Tanz der Lichter"),
for small orchestra ( 2Ob, 2Cl, 2Trp, 2Hrn, String Orch.),
1998, world premiere 1998

"Time Out" ("Auszeit"), for piano and string orchestra, 2001

"And It Does Exist" ("Und es gibt Sie doch"), in two movements, 2001

"Small Escapes" ("Kleine Fluchten"),
for piano trio, string orchestra and timbals, 2004

"Colour Moon" ("Farbmond"), small suite for chamber orchestra
(Fl, Ob, Cl, Bassoon, Trp, Hrn, Trb, 2 Perc., Pk and String Orch.) in five movements, 2006

"Tears Of The Moon" ("Tränen des Mondes"), for chamber orchestra
(Fl, Ob, Engl. Hrn, Cl, BassKl, Bassoon, Trp, Hrn, Trb, 2 Perc., Pk, String Orch.)
in three movements, 2006

"Rosered" ("Rosenrot"), for string orchestra, five brass instruments and timbal, 2006