Stefan Albert
Master of Arts

Born 1959 in Friedrichshafen, Lake Constance, Germany

1981   Studies of the classic guitar at the conservatory of Voralberg (Prof. M. Buchrainer) Studies of Composition (Prof. G. Amann)

1986     Diploma in guitar

1986   Studies of the classic guitar at the University of Music and Acting in Vienna
(Prof. H. Hein). Continuation of the studies of composition at the conservatory of the City of Vienna

1989   Studies of music theory (tone motion) and composition at the University of Music and Acting in Vienna (Prof. Kurt Schwersik / Ivan Eröd)

1995   Master of Arts

since 1987 Teaching the guitar at the Music School, Waidhofen an der Ybbs and since 2005 teaching in Composition

lives in Vienna



Composition on request of solo and orchestra music, also for film and theater productions

National and international representations
(in Germany, Italy, Argentina, Australia, Cuba and Austria)

Own production of several Cd's, for example:
"Simply Let Go" (einfach loslassen) Vol. 1 and 2, Guitar Sounds by Stefan Albert
"Stories Of The Temple Of The Souls" (Geschichten aus dem Tempel der Seelen),
for Cello and Piano
"Harmony" (Zusammenklang), five solo guitar pieces after five poems of H. H. Briese and
five pictures of Andy Möbius
"Colour Moon" (Farbmond), chamber and orchestra music to pictures of Stefan Luna

Since 1999 several compositions (chamber and orchestra music) in co-operation with painters and writers, for example:
"Image and Sound" (Bild und Ton)
"Harmony" (Zusammenklang)
"I would have dared..." (Ich hätte es gewagt...)
"To The Point Of Love" (Zur Liebe hin)
"Colour Moon" (Farbmond)
"Red-Hot And Angel" (Feuer, Flamme und Engel)
"Love, Friendship, unlimited!" (Liebe, Freundschaft, Grenzenlos!)  

Representations in Germany (North, Dresden, Emden, Friedrichshafen),
Austria (Vienna, Burgenland) and Cuba (Las Tunas).