Stefan Albert as a pedagogue

I'm a teacher since 29 years now. I have teached at various music schools in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, collecting expiriences with pupils in the age of 5 to 65. Till now I'm not sure who learned more my students or me.
Starting as a guitar teacher of differnt styles I than commenced accessorily voice-training, music theory, song writing and since 2005 composition.
My actual aim was to comprehend the student as an individual, to find out if and how he wants to express himself musical, to support the person musical, technically, emotionally and humanly to give him the chance to enhance in a personal way.
It does not matter to me which style the student is attracted to, what is important to me is the persons claim to an accurate expression, emotional awareness and the ability to verbalize emotions. the student should develop responsibility and quality awareness which i believe is necessary to implement a musical expression.
A student has to decide by himself how much energy and time he wants to invest for his musical formation. Some do it just for fun and relaxation for others it becomes a life-task.
All I can do is to accompany them in a certain period of their lifes, hoping that through the exposure to music, they are going to carry along some good expiriences, which will be helpfull in their future.