unlimited!" (Liebe, Freundschaft, Grenzenlos!)

Stefan Albert, Gert Hildebrandt, Jans Katerbarg

Three characters from three different nations show their oeuvre and the interplay between painting, music and lyric towards one theme and for the people.


Las Manos    Conexión    Amistad    Corazón

Las Manos 1 Las Manos 2 Las Manos 3

Für die Liebenden!

Liebe ist...

Unbeschreiblich - und doch so schön!
Die Musik im Herzen,
das Kribbeln im Bauch,
der Schmerz im ganzen Körper,
der Balsam für die Seele,
die Beruhigung für den Schlaf.
Aber leider auch vergänglich!

Dann ist da die Freundschaft...

Eine Chance für das ganze Leben!
Die Achtung und das Verständnis,
die Hilfe in der Not,
das Miteinander Reden, Lachen und Streiten,
das Blinda, Grenzenlose Vertrauen,
die Kraft des Anderen erfahren,
die Stärke der Gemeinschaft.

Ich wünsche Euch ewige Freundschaft -
denn Freundschaft ist auch Liebe -

Gert Hildebrandt


play sound  "Amistad" Gitarre solo;    "Tanz der Engel"

play video  live in Las Tunas 2007 (33 Mb)


Stefan Albert
Stefan Albert, music

Gert Hildebrandt
Gert Hildebrandt, lyric

Jans Katerbarg
Jans Katerbarg, painting

Luis Angel Romero Hechavarria, translation



The three founders of the oeuvre met each other during their stay in Las Tunas on the occasion of the Cucalambeana festival, in 2006. Together, they experienced Cuba’s life and culture. In this short while the friendly atmosphere of Cuba effected them and a friendship developed between them, which continued after the trip.



The absorbed impressions developed the wish to materialize their emotions and effects, to give others the chance to experience it. The idea arised, to create an “Acceptance Gift“ to the people of Cuba whose authentic and warm-hearted savoir-vivre enriched the artists’ lives.
The handover of the entire oeuvre should take place during the 40. Cucalambeana Festival, in 2007, in the city of Las Tunas.

The artists’ contributions to the friendship and the whish to develop something new, implies the art project, which is an interplay between different artistic talents. Musical composition unites with free painting and lyric. It is an artistic experience of deep feelings, which is able to unfold totally, only through interaction. As an interpersonal relationship creates a harmonic whole, through considerateness, freedom, support and forgiveness. The artwork reflects different genres of art and different nations. It’s a multicultural ensemble.


Presentation of the project

A vespertine opening with a reception and a previous invitation by the cultural embassy of the City of Las Tunas is desired. In a festive frame including a stage, after an address of welcome and an introduction, the approx. 15 min. long project should be presented to the public. The artists and a translator will be on stage.
Conditions are: an audio system (consisting of a Cd- player, an amplifier and a classic guitar, if necessary amplified) and a lightning system.
For this sensual show it would be reasonable to have seating for the public.
Following the artwork will be handed over, ceremonial to the representative for cultural affairs of Cuba or a representative of the city / region.

General structure of the performance:

The first part of the image will be lighted.
The first part of the poem will be recited in German and afterwards in Spanish.
A piece for string orchestra, will be played by Cd- player.

The second part of the image, will be lighted, the first part will be blacked out.
The second part, of the poem, will be recited as before.
A live played guitar piece played by the composer will accompany the performance.

The entire image will be presented.
The whole poem will be read.
Afterwards a piece will be played by Cd-player, a mixture between U- and E- music.
A couple of Cuban women will dance free to the U- music part.


Thus the connection between the themes: love, friendship, unlimited, will be established because different musical techniques, as well as painting, poetry and the mergence of the three genres of art with the Cuban audience, will be presented.



Jans Katerbarg

Born in 1960 in Holland, Jans Katerbarg is an autodidact. He discovered that he has a certain talent after his son asked him to paint something for him.
In his paintings he combines several techniques as oil, acrylic and even textiles.
His style is figurative, very often nudes.

Katerbarg has exhibited in 20 solo shows in Emmen, Assen, Groningen, Zwolle etc. (Holland) and in Lingen, Osnabrück, Bremen etc. (Germany).

In the year 2006 he took part in the Cucalambeana in Las Tunas



Gert Hildebrandt

Was born in Hannover. He started his professional career as a salesman and served the German Federal Marine for four years, while he was instructor of the basic training. His studies of business administration helped him in his following job in the corporate communication field at the NORD/LB North German Federal State Bank in Hannover.

After 10 years of art and media management in the North German Federal State Bank he was assigned in the business administration section at The Baltic Sea Forum one of the most important east sea organisations of sponsorship for culture, education, economics and politics in the ten east sea riparian states, in Hamburg. Besides his responsibility as an business administrator, he initiated The Baltic Sea Magazine, which was available in 15 countries in print run of more than 5000 copies. Thus it became the most read publication in the Baltic.

After two years of business administration Gert Hildebrandt know works as a freelance journalist for the magazine and carries the responsibility for it. In addition he supports other companies and partners in public relations.