"Red-Hot And Angel" (Feuer, Flamme und Engel)

Stefan Albert, Stefan Luna

Red-Hot is the superordinate concept of a series of projects where the painter and sculptor Stefan Luna and the composer and guitarist Stefan Albert try to fuse the two genres, visual arts and music.
The two artists work together since two years. The process implies the exchange of their work on different themes and reflect and prescind it by responding in an emotional way.

An evening where a certain project is to be presented starts with an opening of the painter.
During the opening the project is performed in two parts.
Especially chosen pictures and sculptures, which haven't been visible to the public before,
will be uncovered in a certain order, lighted and live music and music from the cd- player
will be played in it's context.
Contingent on the concept other genres of art may be embraced, such as: poetry, literature, dance, photography and other musicians and painter, etc...
To conclude the evening a buffet will be disclosed and the artists will be forthcoming to answer questions or talk about the project.


Yet realized projects:

"Zur Liebe Hin" ("To The Point Of Love") , 2005
"Colour Moon", 2006
"Angel on Earth", 2007


project offers:

1. in a church: sculptures, poems and live guitar music
2. images, sculptures, poems, body painting, music and dance
3. opening, classical solo musician and painting live


Stefan Luna

Born in 1965, in Seeboden at the Millstätter Lake in Carinthia.
He lives and works in Vienna.
He makes drawings, paintings, sculptures and actions.
He exhibited in Carinthia, Paris, Ibiza, New York and Vienna.