"simply let go" (einfach loslassen)

Stefan Albert, Andy Möbius, Hans-Hermann Briese

This project represents the smallest fusion of the arts:
music, painting and lyric, so far. The painter Andy Möbius
has designed the CD with guitar sound by Stefan Albert and
the lyricist H.H. Briese, wrote a poem inspired by the sound and the design.
This CD was produced in private publishing venture,
in a limited edition and is available for the price of € 12.


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Bäuchlings am Strand
seh ich mit
halbgeschlossenen Augen
in greller Sonne
die Quarze glitzern
im Sand

Winzige Kristalle
wie nächtens
vom Himmel
funkeln sie alle

Hans-Hermann Briese


Cover: „Blue Moon“ by Andy Möbius


Andy Möbius

Born in 1958, in Oberhausen. He grew up in Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance.
Formation as a boatbuilder. Diverse jobs and extensive journeys.
Since 1979 he produces bottle ships, models and maritime showcases.
1982 he moved to East Friesland. Since 1988 he developed several art projects
at construction sites in public space, together with Helga Beisheim.
1992 he was implemented to free painting by Prof. Horst Hirsig.
Since that he realized several exhibitions, at home and abroad.



Hans-Hermann Briese

Born at the end of December, 1940, in the north of East Friesland.
After diverse experiences in space and time, the following can be stated:
Medic and writer;
Public Health Officer and idiom- author;
Surgeon and Woordensnieder;
Orthopedic surgeon and verse farrier;
Ship doctor and sea poet;
Sports medic and short prosaist;
Works doctor and word worker;
Social medic and loudmouth.
Member in several medical and author associations.
Co- publisher of the literary journal DIESEL (since 12 years).
Cooperator on anthologies.
Co- resever of several literaly awards.
Contributer for the idiom- theater.