"I would have dared..." (Ich hätte es gewagt...)

Stefan Albert, Andy Möbius, Hans-Hermann Briese

This project is based on a poem, named "I would have dared…" (Ich hätte es gewagt...),
by H. H. Briese.
During several nightly sessions, the painter A. Möbius and the composer S. Albert, have gathered keywords from the poem and transformed them into six visual and six musical fragments. The painter worked with small formats in acrylic, the composer utilized the guitar. The aim was to create a big painting and a musical piece (Rondo) in which the five fragments – the small acrylic paintings, so called satellite pictures and the six musical fragments, should be united. Both work separately and at different locations, for the next couple of month, to finish the project.



A big plain for hanging (3x5m).
A female character looking like a round card girl in boxing, emerges behind the plain, showing the first satellite picture to the audience, tells the keyword and hangs the picture on an apparently, discretionary place.
Afterwards the appropriate musical fragment is played.
This act will be repeated six times.
At the end the big painting will be hanged, the whole poem will be read and the rondo will be played on the guitar.
Only now the coherency of pictures, words and sounds can be recognized.
Duration approximately 45 min.

Date of representation: September 2005, IBO- Fair, Friedrichshafen (Germany)



Bild Augen (Image Eye)        play sound:   1 


Erdschwere (Gravity)     play sound   2 


Flügel Lüfte (Air)     play sound   3 


Sehnsucht Herzen (Longing Heart)     play sound   4 


Feuerfarben (Fire colors)     play sound   5 


Luft Liebe (Air Love)     play sound  6 


Ich hätte es gewagt (I would have dared)     play sound   7 


Ich tanzte und spränge
würfe die Erdschwere ab
erhöbe mich
hätte ich ein Bild von Dir vor Augen

Ich ließe mir Flügel wachsen
flüge durch die Lüfte
ergäbe mich
ruhte mir Sehnsucht nach Dir im herzen

Ich sprühte Feuerfarben ins All
schwebte in Chagalls Manege
verginge vor Lust
tauchte die Liebe zu Dir in mich ein



Andy Möbius

Born in 1958, in Oberhausen. He grew up in Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance.
Formation as a boatbuilder. Diverse jobs and extensive journeys.
Since 1979 he produces bottle ships, models and maritime showcases.
1982 he moved to East Friesland. Since 1988 he developed several art projects
at construction sites in public space, together with Helga Beisheim.
1992 he was implemented to free painting by Prof. Horst Hirsig.
Since that he realized several exhibitions, at home and abroad.



Hans-Hermann Briese

Born at the end of December, 1940, in the north of East Friesland.
After diverse experiences in space and time, the following can be stated:
Medic and writer;
Public Health Officer and idiom- author;
Surgeon and Woordensnieder;
Orthopedic surgeon and verse farrier;
Ship doctor and sea poet;
Sports medic and short prosaist;
Works doctor and word worker;
Social medic and loudmouth.
Member in several medical and author associations.
Co- publisher of the literary journal DIESEL (since 12 years).
Cooperator on anthologies.
Co- resever of several literaly awards.
Contributer for the idiom- theater.