Image and Sound (Bild und Ton)

Stefan Albert, Andy Möbius

This Project represented in 1988, was the first trial to combine the arts and fuse them.
Stefan Albert composed the piece „Kalypso“ on the painting „Die Herausforderung“
(The Challange) by A. Möbius. At the same time the painter received a piece called „Spiegelbilder“ (mirror images), a string trio in three movements, by the same composer
and painted the picture „Eisprung“ (Ovulation).

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       Die Herausforderung
"Eisprung" (Ovulation) by Andy Möbius "Die Herausforderung" (The Challange)
by Andy Möbius



At a certain time during the opening of the painter, the visitors will be asked to enter to the lecture room, where the paintings will be found covered. The room will be shaded and the
first picture „Die Herausforderung“ (The Challange) will be uncovered, spotted and the piece of music will be played by a stereo.
Uncovering the second painting „Eisprung“ (Ovulation), three musicians appear on the stage and start to play life, towards the lightened painting.

Duration: ca. 45 min

Date: 16th of October 1999, Castle Nebersdorf, (Burgenland, Austria)


Bild und Ton    

Bild und Ton    

Bild und Ton


Andy Möbius

Born in 1958, in Oberhausen. He grew up in Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance.
Formation as a boatbuilder. Diverse jobs and extensive journeys.
Since 1979 he produces bottle ships, models and maritime showcases.
1982 he moved to East Friesland. Since 1988 he developed several art projects
at construction sites in public space, together with Helga Beisheim.
1992 he was implemented to free painting by Prof. Horst Hirsig.
Since that he realized several exhibitions, at home and abroad.