Thoughts over my music, composure and "art".

I was asked several times: how would you describe your style, Mr. Albert?
I answered: I leave this for my listeners and critics to judge.
To me other questions seem more important, as:
Is a Composer able to, or should, or has he, to move something? Should the creation itself be a satisfaction to the ego of the creator, or is there something like a duty, the artist should discover and carry his fulfilment, through the cosmic energy, out to anybody?
For me music carries imperceptible energy, it is the souls’ voice. Music is able to enter deeply into peoples innermost and leave traps there. That’s why I do take care to what kind of music I exposure myself. Knowing that, my responsibility in writing music grows towards to my listeners.
In today’s anxious, shopaholic and superficial european society, music shouldn’t just function as a mirror but should awake positive energy, and individual images, through drowning into the music, it should animate you to think, make it possible to escape the daily life for some moments, to relax and gain new strengths.
Who wants to reach this state, shouldn’t ignore the most important parameters like melody, harmony, counterpoint and shape, thinking that one might create “the novelty” in composing.
To ones it’s “the Novelty” to others it’s “the novel boredom”. This shouldn’t mean that f. e. somebody who does tonal composition, couldn’t be a master of the clichés, superficiality and boredom. I think that for all artists creation is a way of self treatment at least in the beginning, some take less some take longer to liberate their creation, till they recognize the actual state of the mankind’s soul and enrich it with strong and positive energy. I think that we are still living the German fairytale “The Imperators’ New Clothes“ but the journey is the reward ... and they lived happily ever after.